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of Men

For more than a century traditional barbershops have been the center of communities as much as the town square or city hall.  They offer a brief respite from the chaos of life and a noble indulgence as they serve to refresh masculine appeal.  There is no more sobering feeling of optimism than a well-groomed man rising from the barber’s chair.  The Man Cave Barber Co. seeks to both create the environment for escape, and the grooming services to refresh, while maintaining an “everyman” appeal to the humble braggart.


Our Services

House Cut – $30
“Tell Us What You Want”.  Regular haircut, out-the-door styling with product
(allow 30 min)

Qua Vadis – $22.5
“OG Low Maintenance”.  Clipper cut to 3/8” length or less, same length all over (allow 30 min)

Scalp Shave – $25
“The Dr. Evil”.  Steam towel & lather, straight razor shave, cool towel, balm application
(allow 30 min)

Beard Trim – $30
“Goatee, Mustache, Beard”.  Clipper cut, trimmer shape, straight razor line-up, steam towel wrap, balm application, beard softener
(allow 30 min)

Face Shave – $25
“Everything Must Go”.  Steam towel & lather, straight razor shave, steam towel wrap, balm application, cool towel wrap
(allow 30 min)

Facial – $20
“White Noise Time”.  Steam towel wrap, cleansing cream, steam towel, skin toner, cool towel
(allow 20 min)

Coloring – $50
“Get Out the Grey”.  Shampoo, color, rinse
(allow 1 hour – Does not include haircut)

Anchorman Combo $52.5
Shaken, not stirred”.  Get a clean shaven face and hair cut together at a reduced price.
(allow 60 min)

Lumberjack Combo $57.50
”License to Pirate”.  Groom the facial hair right after you get your hair did.
(allow 60 min)

*All hair cut services include a finishing steam towel head wrap, straight razor neck & side-burn shave, and mechanized shoulder rub.  Ear and eyebrow hair will be addressed during cut.  Shampoo and conditioner wash included upon request.

No-show; No-Call Policy – If you fail to show up for your appointment, and do not call to notify us in advance, a $25 fee will be added to your next appointment.  We turn away a lot of people every day in order to prioritize your appointments.  Please be on time, or cancel ahead of time.  Thank you.



Designed by Jennifer Noden (7 Edges Design), Man Cave Barber Co. was intended to have a curated feel that appealed to all men, young and old.  With a heavy dose of nostalgia the décor is spread across multiple interests and hobbies from athletes, to movies buffs, and from outdoorsmen, to grease monkeys.  The waiting area is intentionally drawn into the cutting area to encourage traditional barbershop chatter amongst friends.  Each of our services averages about 30 minutes in length and you can enjoy a complimentary beverage while you wait for your turn in the chair.

Dan Jost


Dan spent over 20 years in corporate America understanding that the next 20 years had to be different.  With the support of his wife Julie he resigned his corporate position, and started a 2-year march towards the creation of Man Cave Barber Co..  Dan & Julie have three kids and are active in the Chanhassen youth-sports community.

Charlie Krengel


Charlie and Dan met at the Minnesota School of Barbering where they frequently challenged each other for client satisfaction ratings.  Prior to choosing this path Charlie was a student at UND Grand Forks, worked construction and even labored on fishing boats in Alaska.  Charlie always enjoyed the barbershop experience which led him to pursue the career.  Charlie is an avid reader, softball player, and enjoys time serving at his church.  He also likes sunsets, kittens, and long walks on the beach…

Andrew Weisler


Andrew was born and raised in Philadelphia, but moved to Bloomington, MN over 7 years ago with his wife and two daughters.  In his path to becoming a barber, Andrew has done everything from tend bar in Myrtle Beach, to being on the security team at Regions Hospital escorting Trauma-1 patients off the rooftop helipad.  Andrew believes that personal grooming and self-care is important to self-esteem and mental wellness.  He is a fan of his hometown Eagles and Flyers, plays tournament softball, and is a hockey dad.  The dirty jokes are free of charge.

Nick Richards


Nick graduated from Minnesota State/Mankato in 2019 with a degree in Marketing, is from the greater Rochester area, and recently moved to Chanhassen with his wife (…and a cat).  He is also a 5-yr veteran of the U.S. Air Force/Air Guard achieving the rank of Staff Sargeant, and just recently returned from deployment in Qatar.  Nick’s personal interests include fishing, fitness, and art.  You may recognize his artistic talent in the world-famous Man Cave Barber Co. logo which Nick created.  Nick went into Barbering to right the wrong haircuts he saw everywhere, which makes use of his meticulous attention to detail.  Lastly, he has an unhealthy infatuation with watermelon.


Man Cave Barber Co. offers several lines of men’s hair care products to ensure the style you leave with can be maintained at home.  We also offer MCBC apparel to complete your new look.  We will occasionally offer limited-time products or seasonal gift ideas in our retail shop.  Be sure to see whats new on your next visit.

Off-Hour Appointments

Appointments can be made to occur prior to opening or after closing by calling the shop (unavailable for online booking).  These appointments are subject to barber availability, and will receive a $10 upcharge per service, as well as $10/hr for every empty hour between your appointment and our normal business hours.


Tired of pulling out your wallet?  We totally get it.  Reduce your hand fatigue and wallet wear-n-tear by purchasing one of our memberships!  Your phone number becomes your account number when you pre-purchase one of our three most popular services in bulk!  1) Choose the service (House Cut or Beard Trim or Shave).  2) Choose the quantity (6 or 12).  And 3) Select a complimentary grooming product from our retail section.  Those who purchase a 12-pack Membership also receive a Man Cave Barber T-Shirt!


7884 Market Blvd
Chanhassen, MN 55317

Tue – Sat:  9am – 6pm

Sun – Mon: CLOSED